Teaching Philosophy


Matt Keegan endeavours to uncover and (re)discover the true nature of a students inherent musical personality. This is achieved by initially guiding a pupil through an honest appraisal of their musical abilities. Working together with Keegan’s techniques, a student is encouraged to discard unnecessary notes and sounds (these usually amount to little more than bad habits and self conscious finger wiggling) and learn to find and accept the core of their actual musical abilities.  (What musical information can you actually convey on your own using melody, rhythm and harmony?) From this new point of departure the student is guided in building a customised musical conception of themselves from their true musical foundations up. By focussing on reconnecting ones playing with the essentials; the ears; the heart; the sound; and the rhythm, a stronger music can be nurtured to sing through the student with ease and clarity.

As a private teacher Keegan focuses on helping you find and develop your sound through working on the following concepts:

  • Breathing and posture
  • Tone production
  • Understanding resonance
  • Overtones
  • Effective practicing methods
  • Time management
  • Practical technical exercises
  • Practicing what you want to sound like
  • Melodic improvisation
  • Negotiating harmony
  • Rhythmic confidence using body movement
  • How to make your sound a valued part of an ensemble

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