Commissions & Arrangements

Keegan is renown for his proficiency in leading horn sections, as well as composing and arranging horn and woodwind parts for various projects

Keegan has arranged and led the Horn section on the hit TV show The Voice since 2012.

Mas Que Nada

Horn arrangement for Emma Pask

For Once In My Life

Horn arrangement for Darren Percival

Take Me To The River

Horn arrangement for Mitch Anderson

Commissions & arrangements for studio recordings


Horn arrangement for pop-band Passanger.


Horn arrangement for renown jazz singer Emma Pask


Commissioned composition in 2015 for improvised music group Elysian Fields

Commissions & arrangements for live performances

Hot Dub Time Machine

Horn arrangement and horn section leader for Hot Dub on the Harbour 2022

Baby gets what Baby Wants

Horn arrangement for renown sould singer Pat Powell

Stax of Blues

Horn Arrangement for virtuosic blues guitarist Ray Beadle

In need of a horn section or arrangement?

Renowned for his mastery of horn arrangements and productions of scale, Matt brings a wealth of experience and creativity to every project.

Whether you’re seeking bespoke compositions, innovative arrangements, or a horn section of any size, Matt Keegans ensures that each commissioned work will exceed expectations, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Matt is available for one off performance, long term project or recording sessions. Get in touch via the Contact Form.