This project emerges as a daring platform for improvised dialogue between drums and saxophone.


“K2 – lift textures and looped beats from the dancefloor to use as beds for improvised dialogues”

– John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

Keegan brings forth a wealth of otherworldly sounds, meticulously crafted over three decades of relentless exploration with effects pedals for saxophone and woodwinds since 1994.

I’ve been heavily inspired by the pioneering work of Eddie Harris and Miles Davis in the 1970’s

In this innovative venture, Keegan harnesses the power of his Octatrack—a dynamic performance sampler—and a myriad of effects pedals to manipulate the sound of his tenor saxophone. Simultaneously, he lays down dark rhythmic patterns and synths, inviting the featured percussionist to go forth – improvise – synchronize – harmonize.

Featured Musicians

Miles Thomas
tully ryan
Chloe Kim
laurence pike
Bree Van Ryke
greg sheehan