Matt Keegan’s proficiency as a teacher stems from his vast knowledge, cultivated through rigorous research and hands-on experience in diverse musical projects.

He can guide students through the intricacies of complex music theory, improvisation, and performance techniques.

Matt Keegan is dedicated to helping students uncover and develop their true musical identity. Through a process of honest assessment and guided exploration, students learn to shed unnecessary habits and embrace their core musical abilities. Keegan’s approach focuses on reconnecting students with essential elements like melody, rhythm, and harmony, enabling them to build a personalized musical expression grounded in authenticity and clarity.

Keegan completed a PhD at UNSW under the supervision of Sandy Evans and John Napier in 2022. His creative practice research project examines ways performance techniques can be used to facilitate the embodiment of rhythm for composition and improvisation on the saxophone. A case study in this research is the analysis of the Khamak Rhythm Study. A khamak solo was transcribed and reimagined as an etude for solo saxophone – Score & Audio Download.

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As a private teacher, Keegan focuses on helping you find and develop your sound through working on the following concepts:

  • Breathing and posture
  • Tone production
  • Understanding resonance and overtones
  • Effective practicing methods
  • Time management
  • Practical technical exercises
  • Practicing what you want to sound like
  • Melodic improvisation and negotiating harmony
  • Rhythmic confidence using body movement
  • How to make your sound a valued part of an ensemble

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